Hypoparathyroidism Is Associated With a Significant Patient Burden1,2

Patients With Hypoparathyroidism Often Require Emergency Care Despite Treatment With Conventional Therapy1

(n = 295/374) of patients reported hospitalization or emergency care visits due to hypoparathyroidism-related comorbidities and symptoms1

healthcare professional speaking with patient

Causes of Hospitalizations in Patients With Hypoparathyroidism (n = 44/130)3

hospitalization causes in hypopara
Chart showing causes of hospitalization
patient speaking with healthcare professional

Lab values may not tell the whole story.

Hypoparathyroidism Has Significant Impacts on Physical Functioning and Well-being2

hypopara impact on physical functioning and well-being
hypopara impact on physical functioning and well-being

Psychological impacts were most frequently reported by patients and clinicians, followed by daily life impacts.2

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