Addressing Hypoparathyroidism

Indications That Hypoparathyroidism May Not Be Fully Addressed1-3

Symptomatic hypocalcemia
Variable and inconsistent levels of sCa

Hyperphosphatemia and/or elevated calcium-phosphate product

Calcium-phosphate product of > 55 mg2/dL2 (or > 4.4 mmol2/L2)

Renal complications
Evidence of renal involvement with hypercalciuria, nephrolithiasis, nephrocalcinosis, reduced creatinine clearance, or eGFR < 60 mL/min
High doses of conventional therapy
Daily doses of supplemental calcium of > 2.5 g, or > 1.5 μg of calcitriol or > 3.0 μg of alphacalcidol
GI tract disorder
A GI tract disorder that is associated with malabsorption
Reduced physical functioning and well-being
Negative impacts on patients’ physical functioning and well-being despite treatment with conventional therapy

Addressing the PTH deficiency may be required to properly manage your patients.1-3

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